That Tree

Whilst exploring the wilds of the North East of England with the family I was able to make a quick evening foray to an iconic location for fans of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Nestled by Roman walls and ruins this resplendent tree stands alone looking out over the rugged landscape. Even knowing it’s there, it’s still a pleasant surprise as you come over the hill!

Photographing super iconic locations always carries the risk of personal disappointment and I try to lower my expectations to be honest. They are quite often iconic for a reason though and this particular tree is no exception. I love the juxtaposition between the harsh landscape bathed in soft light with the threat of stormy skies. The built Roman wall enduring through the ages and then this well-portioned Sycamore tree growing up in its own little sheltered dip without a care for what’s going on around it!

Sycamore Gap
Sycamore Tree on the Roman Wall

It may be a shot done a thousand times before, but I loved being there in person, the scene imprinted in my head for so many years and it was all the better for sharing it with the family.

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