Photobomber Strikes

Photobomber Strikes

All I need is 10 seconds! I’ve pre-researched my composition, the neutral density filter is screwed on and I’ve even already got the camera on the tripod. Once I’ve patiently waited my turn it will take me 2 seconds to place the tripod, let’s be generous and say 2 seconds to focus, then I just need a further 6 seconds to get my shot.

I’m not hoping to submit this work to National Geographic, I may not even use it, I feel like a cliché just pointing my camera in this direction! But do you know what, I haven’t been here before, I’ve seen hundreds of other great shots of this location, so whilst I’m here…

You couldn’t wait 10 seconds though, could you?! Presumably, you thought the line of people on the stepping stones was a bit conformist for you. That’s okay, you crack on and stand in front of us. Oh, you’re keen on getting a photo too. If your wife can work out how to use your phone. Cool, I’m sure your friends will love seeing you getting your ankles out. One thing though, and I don’t like to criticise, but you do realise from that angle you won’t have the waterfall behind you just a bunch of grumpy photographers?!

You’ve got to laugh, life’s too short! What’s your best experience of someone messing up your shot?

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