No Excuses!

I tried just about every excuse I could think of.. too late, weather sub-optimal, not feeling it etc etc. Fortunately, my long-suffering supportive wife kicked me out of the house to go get some photography done. A strong lesson in dropping the ego and worry about the pressure of perfect and just enjoying being out in nature and looking for nice things to photograph.

Sometimes it’s just good to be out with a camera with no set expectations or even low expectations! Your creative mind will be unloaded of weight caused by wanting to make the image you have in your head and you can just explore.

Foxgloves with Beacon in distance
Foxgloves and the Beacon

Did I come back with compelling award winning images showcasing my best work? Nope! Realistically though how often does that actually happen in a photographer’s lifetime? We all might want it, but the reality is the thrill is in the chase, the yearning for perfection in an image that we may never be able to capture.


I often mumble to myself – if you’re not taking pictures, you’re not getting better. We grow as image-makers by experimenting, seeking out interesting subjects, capturing light and telling stories. To do that, you’ve got to get out there.

Foxgloves and the Bee
Foxgloves and the Bee

The answer to the question “Is it worth going out with my camera?” is almost always “YES!”

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