New Film Project – Humla Nepal

Children at their school
Children at their school in Humla – Copyright KHCH

Planning is now in full swing for a very exciting project this year. Chris and David are heading to Nepal to create a film about the children of the Humla region in the remote north-west of the country. We are working with Kailash Humla Children’s Home that provides education and possibilities for the future to the young people. There are no roads so we will be walking in from the nearest airfield, about a three-day trek at altitude!

Proudly Wearing Their School Uniform
Proudly Wearing Their School Uniform – Copyright KHCH

We have a number of photographic projects planned for the trip (more on those later) but the main focus will be producing a short feature film that we can share with the world and hopefully shine a light on the stories of the people of Humla that are rarely seen.

There are plenty of challenges in making a film like this and the expedition logistics can get pretty interesting. As plans develop we will share some of our discoveries and top tips, so you can follow along, and perhaps give you inspiration for your own photographic endeavours near or far! You can also follow our progress on the film’s Facebook page here.

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