One day photography workshop

Beyond Auto

Release your full creative potential by combining artistic technique with the features of your modern digital camera.

Modern cameras are amazing but they have nothing on your photographic creativity. Don’t be restricted by auto mode. Join us on this photography workshop to seize control of the features on your digital camera. The technique must be balanced with the artistry, and we attend to this in equal measure.  A great artist must learn to hold the brush before the great work can be done.

Dates Available

Saturday 28th October 2023

Saturday 25th November 2023

Duration: 1 day
Location: Cornwall
Price: £185
Included: Tea & cake
Fitness level: Easy
Skill level: Beginners
Ratio: 1:4
Deposit: £50
More information:

The day generally flows like this (staying flexible for the weather/tides etc) –  Meet at 10am for tea and cake with an indoor session on some of the fundamentals of photography. Before lunch there is an opportunity to put these skills into practice. In the afternoon we head out to a wild place to put your new found skills to test. We finish up for 4pm with a relaxed review of some of the images of the day and suggestions for next steps.