one day video workshop

Adventure Film Making

Learn to tell the stories of your adventures with engaging narrative and beautiful cinematography. These film making courses are aimed at beginners using their stills camera, GoPros and even mobile phones to record video.

There has never been a better time to explore the wonderful world of film making with quality equipment readily available, and the ability to share it with the world for free.

When you’re starting out it can be confusing, even for those used to stills photography. This film making workshop teaches you some key game-changing actions you can take to start making enjoyable, entertaining and inspiring films with the equipment you have. We focus on what is truly important – the story!

The day generally flows like this (staying flexible for the weather/tides etc) –  Meet at 9:30am for tea and cake with an indoor session on some of the fundamentals of film making. Before lunch we will collectively make a plan for the rest of the day, roughing out a storyboard for a short film. The afternoon is dedicated to cinematography, types of shot and using the equipment to best effect. With plenty of footage in the can we will return inside to make a hasty edit of our film, discussing the basics of cutting a film and output options. The goal is not to make a perfect film, but rather to give you the building blocks you can use to put your own productions together in the future. We finish up for 4pm with a relaxed review of the day.

Dates Available

Saturday 13th July 2024 – Pendeen

Saturday 21st September 2024 – Pendeen

Duration: 1 day
Location: Cornwall
Price: £185
Included: Tea & cake
Fitness level: Easy
Skill level: Beginners
Ratio: 1:4
Deposit: £50