Christmas Books for Photographers

Looking for the perfect read to give to the wilderness photographer in your life!? Look no further. Here is my rundown of some top books that are sure to delight, inspire and inform any keen photographer. I have no affiliation with these authors (apart from my own offering!) they are just books I love and have found super useful.

Wildlife Photography: An Expert Guide by Richard Bernade

Wildlife Photography: An Expert Guide by Richard Bernade

If you’re into your wildlife photography this is THE book in my opinion for inspiration and top tips on technique. Richard is a top photographer from the USA with a wealth of experience and an impressive client list. He has an accessible writing style and as you might expect the book is full and stunning images.

A Photojournalist’s Field Guide by Stacey Pearsall

A Photojournalist’s Field Guide: In the trenches with combat photographer Stacy Pearsall by Stacy Pearsall

Taking a more adventure photography slant Stacey is a great inspiration and provides fantastic advice that can be applied to adventure sports away from the battlefield. In her role documenting live operations, she had to be ready for anything, keep herself and kit in one piece in horrendous conditions and bring back images that truly told the story. Lots to be learnt from this. If you’re Stateside this is quite easy to pick out, more challenging if you’re in the UK/Europe.

Stories Behind the Images by Corey Rich

Stories Behind the images: Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography by Corey Rich

I’ve been a massive fan of Corey‘s work for a long time so I was over the moon when he brought out this book discussing some of the stories behind how those images came into being. It is arranged as a key shot followed by the situation that led to it. It’s such a good read. Corey’s commitment and pluck really come across particularly learning that he pretty much spent several years living out of the back of his car shooting climbers and then sent a few shots to Patagonia who ultimately ended up using all of them! A fine example of what can be achieved when you fully dedicate yourself to the craft.

From Dawn to Dusk by Ross Hoddinott & Mark Bauer

From Dawn to Dusk: Mastering the Light in Landscape Photography

Anyone who has been on our courses will have heard us say it’s all about the story and the light is how you tell it. This book is great as it takes you through the day hour by hour and into the night discussing how best to use what’s available to your advantage.

Landscape Photography On Location

Landscape Photography On Location by Thomas Heaton

I really enjoy Thomas’s YouTube channel and his style and approach to photography. This is a really useful read, particularly I would say for beginners but everyone would get something from it. Only available as an ebook but he does have some lovely physical books, calendars and prints in his shop.

Camping by Christopher Lucas

Camping: Outdoor Skills for your Weekend Adventure

A bit left field I admit, but I’ve got a get a plug in there somewhere until some of my photography books are finished. A key part of wilderness photography is being able to get to these places. I wrote this book as a companion guide to getting into camping and journeying in the outdoors. It includes advice on how to stay comfy with clothing, tent selection, navigation, first aid and much more. Available on Kindle Amazon

Or maybe a voucher?!

Feel like a book is nice to unwrap but you want to give more? Why not give the gift that keeps giving – photographic knowledge and understanding. Our workshops are available as vouchers that can be redeemed over the coming year. Get in touch if you’d like to purchase a place.

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