That Tree

Sycamore Gap

Whilst exploring the wilds of the North East of England with the family I was able to make a quick evening foray to an iconic location for fans of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Nestled by Roman walls and ruins this resplendent tree stands alone looking out over the rugged landscape. Even knowing it’s there, […]

Cornwall’s Top 5 Photography Destinations

Cornwalls Top 5 Photography Destinations

Cornwall is amazing photographically. There is something for everyone with different geologies, rugged coastlines, wooded valleys and rough moors. We often get asked where are the best places to start. What would be Cornwall’s top 5 photography destinations? Just five?! Crikey that’s tough… ok here goes. Godrevy Lighthouse – SW580 430 Not far from Hayle, […]

Guerilla Guide to Adventure Film Making

Guerilla Guide to Adventure Film Making

A question we often get asked at Q&As following screenings of my film “The Yukon Assignment” is ‘how could I go about doing this myself?’ When I dragged my dad on a canoe adventure in Canada’s far north (he actually jumped at the chance!) I honestly didn’t know much about film making at all. In […]