How to Make a Wilderness Ultimate Hot Mocha

Wilderness Ultimate Mocha

Making the Wilderness Ultimate Hot Mocha This is a super quick and easy way of making a mocha out in the wild. A perfect beverage for cold nights shooting star trails with the right balance of chocolatey sweetness with a caffinated kick! All you need is; a camping stove water a sachet of instant hot […]

Star Trails in StarStax

Star Trail in StarStax Banner Image

I have a lasting memory of being sent into the garden as a lad, with my dad’s prized Rolleiflex 35mm SLR, and told to point it at the north star (Polaris) and keep the shutter open for an hour or so. Whether my father just wanted some quiet time, or thought it might inspire the […]

Top Tips for Photographers Illustrating Their Books

Waves breaking

I am a professional photographer, so I often work from shoot lists. When producing my recent book, Geography GCSE: Study and Revise Coasts, I needed photographs from across the UK. It was my project so this time it was up to me to create my own shoot list. Planning the shots for a complex project […]

How to Edit Your Photos

how to edit photos

Getting into a groove of having a digital darkroom workflow that works for you frees up time to take more photos. In many ways can improve your ability to get a better shot ‘in-camera’. There is nothing more inhibiting to getting out and building your photographic repertoire, than the dread of spending hours in front […]

Guerilla Guide to Adventure Film Making

Guerilla Guide to Adventure Film Making

A question we often get asked at Q&As following screenings of my film “The Yukon Assignment” is ‘how could I go about doing this myself?’ When I dragged my dad on a canoe adventure in Canada’s far north (he actually jumped at the chance!) I honestly didn’t know much about film making at all. In […]