Star Trails in StarStax

Star Trail in StarStax Banner Image

I have a lasting memory of being sent into the garden as a lad, with my dad’s prized Rolleiflex 35mm SLR, and told to point it at the north star (Polaris) and keep the shutter open for an hour or so. Whether my father just wanted some quiet time, or thought it might inspire the […]

New Luminar AI Sky Replacement

AI Sky Replacement

Skylum recently brought out their latest version of Luminar. It promises some interesting features involving Artificial Intelligence (AI), including super easy sky replacement. Having heard some pre-release details on podcasts I’ve been excited to have a play. Here is a quick post on some initial messing around with Luminar AI Sky Replacement. We all have […]

How to Edit Your Photos

how to edit photos

Getting into a groove of having a digital darkroom workflow that works for you frees up time to take more photos. In many ways can improve your ability to get a better shot ‘in-camera’. There is nothing more inhibiting to getting out and building your photographic repertoire, than the dread of spending hours in front […]