How to Photograph Bluebells & Other Wild Flowers

How to Photograph Bluebells

Bluebells and springtime wildflowers are a beautiful sight to behold, and they make for stunning photographs. If you’re planning on taking some photos of bluebells this year, here are a few tips to help you get the best results: With a little planning and effort, you can capture stunning photographs of bluebells that will last […]

That Tree

Sycamore Gap

Whilst exploring the wilds of the North East of England with the family I was able to make a quick evening foray to an iconic location for fans of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Nestled by Roman walls and ruins this resplendent tree stands alone looking out over the rugged landscape. Even knowing it’s there, […]

Dawn Raid

Fells Pano

Having completely dropped off the wagon of weekly vlogs despite many promises to myself life took over. However, during our family summer away in the campervan I did manage to sneak a few forays in. In this video, I challenge myself to a “light & fast” mission to climb some mountains and take some 360 […]

No Excuses!

I tried just about every excuse I could think of.. too late, weather sub-optimal, not feeling it etc etc. Fortunately, my long-suffering supportive wife kicked me out of the house to go get some photography done. A strong lesson in dropping the ego and worry about the pressure of perfect and just enjoying being out […]

Amongst The Poppies

Poppies Banner image

In this video, Christopher goes for a wander through fields of wildflowers on the Cornish coast. Using a long lens (Canon L 70-200mm f2.8 through a metabones adaptor) he captures some images that compress the depth of field providing a riot of colour from the poppies and corn marigolds. Close-ups of the flowers make the […]

Christmas Books for Photographers

generic christmas header

Looking for the perfect read to give to the wilderness photographer in your life!? Look no further. Here is my rundown of some top books that are sure to delight, inspire and inform any keen photographer. I have no affiliation with these authors (apart from my own offering!) they are just books I love and […]

Photobomber Strikes

Photobomber at St Nectan's Glen

All I need is 10 seconds! I’ve pre-researched my composition, the neutral density filter is screwed on and I’ve even already got the camera on the tripod. Once I’ve patiently waited my turn it will take me 2 seconds to place the tripod, let’s be generous and say 2 seconds to focus, then I just […]

How to Make a Wilderness Ultimate Hot Mocha

Wilderness Ultimate Mocha

Making the Wilderness Ultimate Hot Mocha This is a super quick and easy way of making a mocha out in the wild. A perfect beverage for cold nights shooting star trails with the right balance of chocolatey sweetness with a caffinated kick! All you need is; a camping stove water a sachet of instant hot […]

Star Trails in StarStax

Star Trail in StarStax Banner Image

I have a lasting memory of being sent into the garden as a lad, with my dad’s prized Rolleiflex 35mm SLR, and told to point it at the north star (Polaris) and keep the shutter open for an hour or so. Whether my father just wanted some quiet time, or thought it might inspire the […]

Catching a Comet

Capturing the Comet Neowise

The comet Neowise has captured the imaginations of many photographers around the world hoping to capture this beautiful moment that won’t be available again for another 6400 years! C/2020 F3, as it’s officially called is named after the Near-Earth Object Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) space telescope that first noticed it earlier this year. Having […]