Amongst The Poppies

Wilderness VLOG 1 – Amongst The Poppies

In this video, Christopher goes for a wander through fields of wildflowers on the Cornish coast. Using a long lens (Canon L 70-200mm f2.8 through a metabones adaptor) he captures some images that compress the depth of field providing a riot of colour from the poppies and corn marigolds.

Field of poppies
Field poppies and corn marigolds

Close-ups of the flowers make the most of the weather conditions – on the face of it bland skies but actually a great light diffuser for bringing the detail out in the petals and foliage.

Poppy Portrait
Poppy portrait

The other great benefit of a longer lens in this situation is being able to stay on the established path and avoid causing damage by trampling the flowers and compacting the soil. It is always an impressive show when the poppies pop and has become an annual pilgrimage at this time of year.

Damage Caused By Footfall
Damage Caused By Footfall

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